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Guaranteeing the security of your transactions is our main aim. On this page you will find all the necessary information to know how we protect your accounts and transactions and how you can protect yourself against potential risks. 

Reporting lost or stolen card, lost code card or suspected fraud

If your financial card or your online banking code card has been lost or stolen, if you suspect you have been the victim of deceit or fraud, or you have received an email or phone call requesting your passwords or any other kind of identification on behalf of Cajasur, please contact us immediately on the following phone number 900 247 247. Further information on fraud reporting

If you want to make a suggestion for improvement or evaluate this Security page, please send an email to

  • Seguridad Tarjetas

    Card Security

    We protect you against theft, loss or unauthorized use of your debit and credit cards through various security measures. Follow our practical advice to reinforce the security of your card.

  • Seguridad Banca online

    Seguridad Banca Online

    Operar en la Banca online de Cajasur es totalmente seguro. Contamos con todas las medidas necesarias para garantizar la confidencialidad y seguridad de tus operaciones. Sigue las pautas de seguridad que te recomendamos en cuanto al uso del servicio y mantenimiento de tu ordenador. 

  • Seguridad Banca móvil

    Mobile Banking Security

    Banking on your mobile phone is as safe as banking on your computer. Find out the risks associated to this device and download our free app:

  • Comunicar fraude

    Reporting card loss or fraud

    If you suspect you have been the victim of online fraud, your financial or online banking card has been lost or stolen or you have received a suspicious email, please contact us.

  • PSD2

    Nueva normativa europea de servicios de pagos (PSD2)

    Cajasur se adapta a la nueva normativa europea de servicios de Pagos (PSD2) con un modelo de banca abierta y segura que te beneficia a ti.



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