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Cookies policy




At CajaSur Banco S.A.U (hereinafter, CajaSur), we believe that we must be clear regarding the manner in which we collect and use your data.

In order to provide additional transparency, this policy gives detailed information on the types of Cookies used on this web portal and how to configure them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are files the websites store in the browser of the user who visits them, without damaging the equipment and which are needed to provide advantages in website browsing in order to facilitate your next visit and make the website more useful. Cookies play a very important role and contribute to improving the user’s browsing experience.


Cookies can be used by us in your equipment provided that you have given your consent, except in those cases where Cookies are required to browse through our website. This way we can use Cookies to enable us to have further information regarding your preferences and personalize our website according to your individual interests.

Possible types of Cookies:

According to their origin:

  • Own: these are Cookies generated by the web page being visited.
  • Third party: these are Cookies received when browsing through a web page, but have been generated by a third party service lodged in it. 

According to the time spent:

  • Session Cookies: These are a type of Cookies designed to compile and store data while the user accesses a web page, and is not recorded on the user’s disc.
  • Persistent Cookies: These are a type of Cookies where the data continue to be stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the party responsible for the Cookie, and can range from a few minutes to several years.

According to their purpose:

  • Technical Cookies: These are necessary for the operation of the web page. Also called “strictly necessary”. They make the control of traffic possible from the server to multiple users at once, and the user’s system identification and access, etc.
  • Personalization Cookies: These make it possible for each user to configure aspects such as the language he/she wishes to see on the web page or the regional configuration.
  • Analysis or performance Cookies: These make it possible to measure the number of visits and browsing criteria from different areas of the website anonymously.
  • Advertising Cookies: These make it possible to implement efficiency parameters of the advertising offered on the web pages.
  • Behavioural advertising Cookies: These make it possible to implement efficiency parameters offered on the web pages, based on user behaviour information.

What type of Cookies do we use on the CajaSur websites?

Own Cookies:

We use session Cookies for technical purposes and that are strictly necessary to maintain web page operation. These make it possible to browse through the web page and use its functions such as, session maintenance.  These Cookies do not store any personal information nor do they collect any browsing information that can be used for marketing actions or recall what pages you have visited.

We also use personalization Cookies that make it possible for the user to personalize certain characteristics such as the browser language, and thus offer a better browsing experience more consistent with the user’s profile.


Third-party Cookies:

Analysis Cookies: We use “Google Analytics” Cookies the ownership and responsibility of which belongs to Google. These are four cookies called “utma, utmb, utmc and utmz”. They make it possible to measure and analyse web page browsing. They are mainly used to obtain information regarding the number of visits, pages visited,…; information that makes it possible to offer a better and more appropriate service.

Advertising Cookies: We use Cookies from “Google Adwords” that make it possible to manage the information displayed in advertising spaces based on the interaction of the client with this website in the most efficient way possible.

Social Media Cookies: On some CajaSur website pages I Like or Share buttons can be found to share certain contents with social media such as Facebook or Twitter. This functionality involves using Cookies that link to the web pages of these social media. For further information regarding the use of Cookies on social media consult their own Cookies policy.

How to uninstall Cookies?

Users may, at any time, allow, block or delete the cookies installed in their equipment by modifying the browser configuration parameters installed in their computer. The main browsers have Cookie blocking and deletion options, albeit the procedure may differ from one Internet browser to another and, accordingly, we request you resort to the instructions provided by your Internet browser manufacturer. In the event of mobile devices, it is also customary for the browser to have these options in the Settings section.



In order to configure the Cookies Users can access:

Users may revoke their consent to use Cookies in their browser through the installation of an opt-out system in the website browser. Some third-party ones facilitate rejections through the following links:

Select “Delete all sites” or select the specific website you wish to delete and  “Delete Website”.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that if you have to configure your browser in order to reject our Cookies, we cannot maintain your preferences and some pages may not be available.

Updates and changes in Cookies Policy.

CajaSur may change this Cookies Policy according to new existing legislation, regulations, or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions stipulated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Users will be informed when this Cookies Policy undergoes any significant changes.

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Cookies Policy

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